Love. Adventure. Heart.

Weddings are the best! Not just because of the people they bring together and the party afterwards. But also the raw emotion and the fact
that two people are choosing to say ‘yes’ to a lifetime of adventure with their best friend! Wedding days are filled with emotion, tears, joy, love and laughter
–  my job is to capture it all!

I have a pretty relaxed way of shooting – I want you to have fun and feel as comfortable as possible in front of my lens.
After all, I’m there to capture you as a team and whatever that means for you both… So, there will be lots of fun and a heap of laughter!
What is marriage if not an adventure – so why not start the way you mean to continue!

A Few Fun Facts

I’m a dog person, but have a cat who’s like a dog … kinda. He’s super cool and not in a controlling cat kind of way. He was a rescue, his name is Floyd and he lives like a King!

I’m addicted to coffee and chocolate – but not together, that’s just wrong!

I LOVE cake and no matter how full I am, there will always be room for dessert – ALWAYS!

I’m shy and awkward all at the same time – but in the totally fun, loving kind of way, not the creepy, nerdy kind of way…

I’m a jeans and tee-shirt girl with a penchant for sparkly things

My secret indulgence is a good Paranormal Fantasy book

I count champagne as a breakfast drink

I have ridiculously curly hair that I have spent years trying to tame!

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