About Me
Love. Adventure. Heart.

I love weddings and all they stand for – not just the people they bring together and the party afterwards but the raw emotion and the fact that two people are daring to bare themselves and show their vulnerability infront of all those that mean anything and everything to them. It’s the vowing to each other that you’ll be there through the hard times and the good, and you know that as you get older things will inevitably change but you will always have that one cheerleader who is fearless in their support for you … PLUS the amazing adventure that life will be together as one.

A little about me

I’m a dog person, but own a cat who’s like a dog … kinda. He’s super cool and not in a controlling cat kind of way. He was a rescue and his name is Floyd

I’m addicted to coffee and chocolate – but not together, that’s just wrong!

I LOVE cake and no matter how full I am, there will always be room for dessert – always!

I’m a jeans and tee-shirt girl

My secret indulgence is a good Paranormal Fantasy series

I have ridiculously curly hair that I have spent years trying to tame!


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